Case Study

Case Study - Indoor Cricket Centre, Guernsey

Indoor Cricket Guernsey (ICG) contacted us with an enquiry for a large indoor soft play area to cater for the younger children that visit the centre. The customer had already browsed the extensive range of soft play available on our website and was keen to see what we could put together specifically for them!

The Building

The Indoor Cricket Centre boasts two 12m x 30m sports cages lined with sprung netting that are used for the Grant Thornton Indoor leagues and the Indoor Netball leagues.The ICG centre is now the second largest venue on Guernsey island with a capacity to seat 500 people for functions, charity events and other sports events. The centre is used for more than just cricket, with a full range of children's parties, multi-sport coaching and corporate opportunities on offer.

The Brief & Design

As mentioned, ICG contacted us with a brief to provide a soft play area for their youngest visitors to the centre. The soft play was to be used in one of the 12m x 30m areas, so it was vitally important that it could be packed away easily and quickly when the sports cage was required. The area set aside for play was a massive 12m x 10m - which is certainly one of the biggest pack away kits we've ever designed at Soft Brick!

This brief was passed on to one of our soft play designers and we produced a design to these dimensions. As with our approach to all our designs, we managed to ensure maximum play value and the best value for money.

    Another consideration was of course how this soft play kit would be packed away and what storage space this kit would require. This did reflect on the products we chose to put into the design - but we didn't sacrifice too much as we still included both an 800 series (our biggest) and a 400 Series Agility kit! For a pack away kit that includes a separate Baby area, huge agility and construction kits, a ball pool, a collection of Rockers and Wobbly Characters, around 50m of kerb walling and 120m² of floor padding, we managed to get all this into the space of approx 7 pallets!

    The Completed Build

    This build was a little different to the others included in our collection of Case Studies. This design of pack away soft play required no Soft Brick installation - just delivery to Guernsey. From a design point of view, we know our customers love our pack away kits but this design got us thinking - so much so we're looking to release a new range of pack away kits in 4 different themes, across 5 different sizes! So keep an eye on our Soft Play Packages section on the online shop!

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    Everyone at Soft Brick would like to wish the team at ICG the very best of luck for the future!

    customer testimonials

    “It's been a while since we opened our soft play area, but I'm happy to say it's been a roaring success and I'm already looking to introduce more of your amazing soft play products. Thank you Soft Brick!”

    Indoor Cricket Centre, Guernsey