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Whether you are looking to set up a new play area or maintain / refurbish your existing one, we have got you covered.

New Business Startups

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If you are reading this then you are likely considering the possibility of opening a play area business and choosing your preferred supplier. As with all... Find Out More

Soft Play Areas & Products

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Industry Leading Soft Play The beginning of an exciting world of discovery. Our range of Soft Play encompasses our tradition and reputation for quality and imagination.... Find Out More

Soft Play Structures

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Soft Play Structures Commonly called 'Jungle Gyms' or 'Play Cages', our high quality Soft Play Structures are built with steel frames and wrapped in soft foam and PVC... Find Out More

Play Area Refurbishment

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Over time your play area may need more than just regular maintenance to keep it looking it's best. Maybe a new play centre has opened up... Find Out More

Play Area Maintenance

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Soft Play Area Maintenance Here at Soft Brick, have always been the preferred supplier of corporate and single site maintenance. We created the first maintenance contract... Find Out More