New Business Startups

If you are reading this then you are likely considering the possibility of opening a play area business and choosing your preferred supplier.

As with all new business start ups, there are going to be challenges and issues to overcome along the way. However, with an industry leading product backed up with the support of Soft Brick's sales, design and engineering teams, hopefully we can make your soft play business a great success!

Where to start

Hopefully you're excited about the idea of working with Soft Brick to make your soft play project a reality. Whether you have found the perfect building for your Soft Play Structure, have dreams of running your own Soft Play franchise or you're thinking of adding to your existing leisure facility - we've got it covered!

When we design your play area, you will come to realise why the majority of our customers don't go anywhere else for their indoor play. Those customers that appreciate the amount of value we put into everything we do. Those customers that require a level of quality and durability not found in other supplier's products. Those customers that attract more customers of their own - and keep them coming back! Those customers that need a certain level of professionalism and high level of service when it comes to looking after and maintaining their investment. Those customers that have come to expect all of these points whether they operate one site, or 10 sites. Those customers that recognise Soft Brick as the UK's number one indoor play supplier!

soft brick new customers

Our reputation is built on quality and our brand on innovation.

We know that these are somewhat bold claims, but we as a company have the utmost faith in our product and know our customers do too. Check out our testimonials on the homepage, have a look at the amazing products we produce for our customers all over the World. Better yet, go and visit any of our amazing builds for yourself by finding your nearest build and then arrange to come and meet our design team and take a tour of the factory - it's where the magic happens!

Our sales team would love the opportunity to talk to you in further detail about your project. We've simplified the process into 3 easy, easy to follow steps and show you how we work with you from the very beginning. The steps cover everything you need to find the ideal building, right through to completing the design, specification and installation - we'll manage your project from start to finish. Our expanding collection of Case Studies not only show you more examples of the great product we produce, but they also show you the different buildings we work within and the types of issues both Soft Brick and our customers overcome to get their business off to the best start!

Further reading

Back in 2010, our customer Carol White (Stay & Play, Farnham - Surrey) decided to keep a diary of her experiences in setting up a play area. This excellent commentary is available to read in full on the Indoor Play Magazine website - an independent publication dedicated to the UK’s indoor play sector. It's definitely worth a read!

"I just want to say how pleased we were with the work carried out by the team on site. From the moment they arrived, until the minute they left, they worked tirelessly all day, everyday. The level of work, dedication and determination by them to get the job done was so refreshing to see! They were polite and courteous all day long, everyday. They are a credit to Soft Brick - thank you!"

- Planet Play, Solihull

Not all Soft Play is the same!

Where to go next?

Get in contact with our team or call us on +44(0)1925 837733, and read a bit more about how we work! You can also say hello on Facebook, Twitter and Google+! We will work with you to make your indoor play dreams a reality!