Play Area Refurbishment

Over time your play area may need more than just regular maintenance to keep it looking it's best. Maybe a new play centre has opened up close by, equipped with the latest electronics and play features and it has adversely affected your trade?
If this is the case, don't panic! Soft Brick have the new and creative ideas to help give new life to your existing play area and we have the services and product range to suit every user, priced to suit every budget!

Irrespective of whether Soft Brick carried out the original build or not, we are able to add, extend or improve just about any play area. Our team of designers, engineers and installers have a vast amount of experience to help your dream improvements become a reality. We have refurbished and extended many soft play areas since we started trading in 1987, so we really are the experts at adding that touch of sparkle! 

The process

Original Soft Brick Installation
If we originally installed your play area then we normally still hold your layout plans on file. You may have ideas of your own as to how you wish to make some improvements or you might like us to provide you with some ideas. We have lots of photographs of previous installations, products and ideas so we can share these with you and provide you with the inspiration you may need. Alternatively you can leave the process to our team of designers to come up with ideas and suggestions of how we can improve your area. Once a list of ideas has been presented and agreed we can put an itemised quotation together for you to consider. It is as easy as that. Call one of our team of advisors 

Non-Soft Brick Installation
Since we do not have the original plans of your play area unless you are able to supply them to us this is slightly more tricky. Despite this, before we have to start visiting your site and collecting detailed information of your play area we should be able to provide a budget price indication of how much your possible improvements will cost. We can also supply photographs to help you to visualise how the refurbished area could look.
To progress your enquiry to a final quotation we are likely to need to visit your site to collect all of the required information.

Soft Brick have the new and creative ideas to help give new life to your existing play area and we have the services and product range to suit every user - priced to suit every budget!

Refurbishment ideas

To increase the capacity of your soft play area it is common for our customers to want to extend their structure or soft play. This could be in order to utilise wasted space, incorporate new features such as a sports court or perhaps add a toddlers structure to just a low level padded toddler area. We can also create stilted play area extensions if you wish to increase play capacity but not lose ground floor seating space. These extension options are usually quite straight forward to quote since they are often being created as standalone areas with minimal disruption to other play features.

Retro-fitting New Features
Where do we start in terms of new features? We have hundreds to choose from. Ranging from our fantastic range of loose soft play items to our amazing interactive features. We have standard size products but since we manufacture items in our factory we often have the ability to provide a bespoke made to measure solution – perfect if you have an odd shaped frame. To provide some extra sensory magic we can incorporate the latest technology in sound, light and motion detection if you want your refurbishment to be high tech.

Change (or addition) of Theme
Theming can add a whole new dimension and level of interest to any soft play area. It stimulates a child’s imagination far more than just a simple brightly coloured play area for example. Theming helps your soft play become a memorable experience for your customers and in particular the younger visitors! We can utilise our soft play artists and range of products to add theming to a formerly un-themed area and give it a total visual facelift!

Maintenance and refurbishment
You might wish to carry out some maintenance at the same time as your refurbishment and this is a great way to save on travel charges. If you are closed whilst the refurbishment is taking place there is also less disruption to your business by completing both tasks at the same time.

Get in contact with our team or call us on +44(0)1925 837733 and we will be more than happy to discuss your Refurbishment requirements in person!

"Please pass this feedback on to the team - the design is fantastic and our customers have loved the improvements to the frame. We cannot praise the installation team enough on their hard work and dedication. They were fantastic and put in long hard hours of work to ensure the job was done in our time frame.
The project engineer was super helpful and answered all queries along the way! Super happy thank you everyone!"

- Millets Farm (extension January 2020)

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