Why should I choose Soft Brick?
You want to give your business the very best start, then you need to choose the best product. The type of product that attracts the most customers and ensures they keep coming back. The type of product that not only complies with the very latest safety standards, but exceeds them. The type of product that looks great and will continue to look great for years to come. That product is what Soft Brick have been designing, developing and manufacturing at our factory for over 25 years!
Why not arrange to visit our factory or one of our existing installations and see that difference for yourself, that difference is Soft Brick.  In addition to the best product, we also have the largest in-house maintenance and installation teams in the UK. The combination of best product and in-house maintenance have led to our success in offering on-going maintenance for customers like Wacky Warehouse, Center Parcs, Bourne Leisure and Heathrow Airport to name just a few.

Despite what other manufacturers might have you believe, not all soft play is the same!

Read more about Soft Brick in our About Us section!

Do you have regional sales representatives around the country that will come and speak to me?
Our sales team is generally office based, so no sales reps! This also means we do not have the large overheads that comes with selling this way, meaning we keep our prices as low and competitive as possible. We have an experienced team who are helpful and knowledgeable – they are also not paid commission on what they sell! If a site visit is required, we can come out to see you and your premises and discuss your project face to face!

How much does it cost? Are Soft Brick more expensive than other suppliers?
There are so many variables that might influence what your play area costs - building size, building height, design requirements etc. Soft Brick have never charged for design, nor do we charge for any of the advice our team will happily discuss with you. What you can be sure of is that Soft Brick offers the very best value for money. Cost and value are two different things, and the former is easier to understand than the latter. If you are focused solely on the cost of the product and not the value of it, you are missing a big opportunity!

Contact our team who will happily discuss your project further +44(0)1925 837733.

Do you design anything else in the building? Kitchens, toilets, tables and chairs etc?
We know there are many elements to consider outside of the play equipment when setting up a play area business. As good as we are, we do stick to what we do best - designing play equipment. However, we can of course advise on the things outside of play - like number of tables and chairs, how many toilets are required etc.

Give us a call, we will happily advise on your project requirements +44(0)1925 837733.

Do you offer finance packages for my project?
Not directly, but we can provide you the details of specific finance companies we work very closely with and are very familiar with arranging finance on indoor play businesses. Asset finance is typically the most common route to funding your soft play. It is worth noting that with asset finance you can often add other play area fixtures and fittings to the agreement as well as the play equipment. 

Give us a call, we will happily advise you of our finance partner details +44(0)1925 837733.

Do you have a catalogue of your products you can send me?
We have produced catalogues over the years, but the problem with printed material is that as soon as it is printed, it is already out of date! With a website we have the control and can keep things up date - new products, new projects, photos all available to view and download online. The online shop is the best place to start for an up to date catalogue of products and special offers / discounts!