Step 3: Project Management & Installation

So the quotation, design and colour / theme specification have all been agreed and we've started manufacture of the product. What happens now? How do your incredible new soft play products get to site and become a finished play area ready for opening?

Project Management

We try wherever possible to allocate one designer and one engineer to each project - this means you have a consistent point of contact throughout. We want to ensure your project moves as smoothly as possible from start to finish - which is why your allocated engineer, or Project Manager, will liaise directly with you and any other on-site contractors to ensure an efficient installation.

Your engineer will typically visit site prior to any product arriving. This site visit will include:

  • A detailed survey of the finished site to ensure the design fits and highlighting any adjustments to the design if they are required.
  • An analysis on site access and logistics of getting product safely delivered to site - and on schedule!
  • Available for any site meetings with other contractors to ensure an efficient installation schedule.

General Method Statement & Risk Assessment

We will produce a specific Method Statement and Risk Assessment as part of every project installation we carry out. You can download our sample Method Statement & Risk Assessment by contacting us!


    Our in-house team of installers have been carefully selected over the years to ensure every Soft Brick installation is completed to the highest standard. Our teams of installers are managed by the team leader and your allocated engineer. We will ensure that progress is checked at regular intervals and that you, our customer, are happy! Any issues will be highlighted and resolved.

    The build progression of a soft play structure can be seen below:

    Installation Safety Inspection & Review

    On completion of the installation, but prior to opening (we call this a Practical Completion) we carry out a Safety Inspection and Risk Assessment on the completed build. It isn't typically necessary for a Soft Play area to be inspected, however this can be arranged if required. This inspection is carried out by the Play Inspection Company - an independent organisation of RPII / RoSPA accredited inspectors that carry out safety inspections and consultations across all elements of play, including indoor and outdoor play play facilities.

    The Play Inspection Company provide a report and risk assessment on the play area, highlighting any issues that may require our attention prior to opening. We will carry out any works required and provide you with the relevant summary of works carried out, along with the certification from the Play Inspection company. This certification provides excellent reassurance to your customers that the play area has been designed and installed to the required safety standards and guidelines!


    Staff training is provided on the practical completion of your build, but prior to opening. This training session includes a presentation and a walk-through of the play area to highlight the key things to look out for as part of ongoing maintenance, cleaning and general supervision.

    Topics covered in the training include:

    • Product Knowledge - what to look out for on specific products throughout the play system, including product names, games included etc
    • Safety First - highlighting various safety features built into the products to ensure the children's safety. This section helps train your staff with the correct response should they be questioned by your customers. It's the nature of play that accidents happen, but you can have the utmost confidence in the products provided by Soft Brick. 
    • Product Safety - things to look out for from a wear and tear point of view, for example exposed foam, worn netting and what to do about vandalism.
    • Areas & Ages - highlighting the various regions within the play area and their target age groups, including how to monitor them with height signage and supervision.
    • Rules of Play & Disclaimer - these signs are provided by us to be displayed in your play area for the benefit of your customers. This will also include documentation on the Maximum Capacity, Fire Escapes Routes and Evacuation Plan. The Rules of Play are guidelines for all of our play areas and include general rules like 'No Shoes' etc.
    • Daily & Weekly maintenance checks together with their associated paperwork.

    Handover & Project Sign Off

    We don't want to simply build you a lovely new play area and call it a day! For example, 2014 was a great year for Soft Brick, with nearly 70% of our business coming from existing Soft Brick customers! The relationship we develop with our customers shows the loyalty and trust they have in us and our product. Once the training is complete and you, as our customer, are happy - the project is signed off and handed over to our Maintenance Department who will look after you from this point going forward. New Soft Brick builds typically include a 12 month Maintenance Contract as part of the quotation, so you can be sure you and your play area will be well looked after going forward!

    In the event of an emergency requiring urgent action, we have an emergency contact procedure that will automatically put you in touch with your Project Engineer - who will be able to advise accordingly. The details of this procedure are available in your Handover & Training documentation.

    You can read more about our Maintenance Packages by clicking here!

    So that's it! Hopefully our 3 step guide has proven useful to you and your ideas for your own Soft Play business. If there are any aspects you would like to discuss with us in greater detail, or you would like to arrange to meet our team in person please get in contact with our team or call us on +44(0)1925 837733.